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Photography, Nature, Music, Movies & Humor

The Girl with the Complex Life~~

College Student, 19

I love dogs and nature photography

Biology Major which means I’m fascinated by sex of all forms by all animals haha:] but not the have sex with farm animals kind of way that’s weird and cruel.

Learning my way through the world

I’m a unique some what complicated woman, depending on how one takes it…

~~I like bright colors but I’m a modest person. 

~~I rarely speak but I find the humor in everything and it’s usually dirty ;]  If given the time to speak I like to think I have some interesting thoughts and can be quite humorous 

~~I love love nature but I’m also a total techie

~~ I like to read and love movies!

~~ I used to cry a lot when I was little and I used to stop breathing when I did.. now a days it takes a lot to make me cry.

~~I enjoy chick flix but I also love blood and gore :]

~~ I’m from the city but I’m so outdoorsy and handy around the house

~~ I’m a vegetarian but I have no problem with hunting animals or dissecting them for educational purposes… it’s more the torturing and unnecessary cruel acts we humans put on animals.  It’s not the healthiest way to eat either so that is why I’m a vegetarian.